Our Classes And Camps

All of our Camps and Classes are offered out of the Port Moody Arts Centre. Click the image next to the camp title for more information.

LegoMation Classic
Summer, 2021
Our Classic LegoMation is back and ready to teach you all about stop motion animation and visual storytelling with your favorite Lego sets.

LegoMation Adv.
Summer, 2021
Using DV cameras, powerful software, and bigger Lego sets, the Advanced Camp created some of the best animated short films to date!

Summer, 2021
Learn the skills and art behind clay character development as you work on your own stop motion film. *Girls Only

3D Modeling
Spring, 2021
create a 3D game for Lego in Outer Space using the industry standard and widely popular software Unity.

Game Coding
Summer, 2021
Learn to code an entire game from start to finish using Python.

Young Engineers
Summer, 2021
Use the Lego Mindstorms kit to create robots that compete in real world challenges like racing events, robot wars, target practice and much more.

Classical Animation
Summer, 2021
In this camp you will learn to write and animate a film using Adobe Animate and a tablet.



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